Snæfellsnes – Dancing in Tölt

8 days – 7 nights – 6 days riding

Day 1: Arrival
You will be greeted at Keflavik airport, and from there the drive goes to Oddsstaðir.
At Oddsstaðir farmhouse you will stay the nights under the tour in room and bed with linen on and there are naturally hot tub and in the neighborhood is swimming pool.
Here we will provide details about the next days.

Day 2: Oddsstaðir – Heggsstaðir
The day will start with learning how to drive a flock of loose horses, there are around 40-50 loose horses along with us on the tour and a lot to think about.
Most of the way we ride far away from the traffic, along the grassy banks of famous salmon river Grímsá . The river is crossed several times and on the way we will have a beautiful view over Borgarfjörður.
The ride is 25 km, 6 hours.

Day 3: Heggsstaðir – Grímsstaðir
The ride goes along old paths and desolated roads between bushes of low birch trees. We pass the glacier river Hvítá on a bridge. Then along the river Langá, which is also one of Iceland’s best salmon rivers, but Borgarfjörður district is known for good salmon fishing river. The riding ends at the old farm Grímsstaðir.
The ride is 35 km, 6 hours.

Day 4: Grímsstaðir – Snorrastaðir
From Grimsstaðir we will ride on a old path and ride along the mountains Grímstaðamúli and Svarfhólsmúli. Then by the opening of the valley Hítardalur we pass through two lava-fields where the path get very narrow. The river Hítará is crossed by the palagonite mountain Grettisbæli and the route continues along the mountain Fagraskógarfjall and here is a good view over the coastline at Löngufjörur and the picturresque crater Eldborg á Mýrum. The riding trail this day is one of the most beautiful riding paths in Iceland.
The ride is 35 km, 5 hours.

Day 5: Snorrastaðir – Laugagerði
What is left of the tour we have to ride when the tide is low because the difference of the high and low tid in deepth/time, is 3 – 4 m./roomy 6 hours . Some days the ride starts early, other days normal time or even late, depending on the time of low tide, which is changing differently, half an hour to one hour every day.
We start riding on the beach, Löngufjörur, in nearhood of Eldborg There we will cross a channel,Saltnesál, then the mouths of Haffjarðará. If we are lucky the sea-eagle can be around, sitting on a rock or flying around and looking for some food. The horses stay at Kolviðarnes and in the end of the day we will ride without the heard, out on the beach only with our riding horses.
The ride is 25 km, 4 hours.

Day 6: Laugagerði – Laugagerði
Today we will ride one horse without the herd at the bottom of the ocean when the tide is right. We will ride to small islands that can only be accessed when the tide is low. If we are lucky we will seals and sea-eagle.
The ride is 20 km, 3 hours.

Day 7: Laugagerði – Skógarnes
We travel with all our horses to Skógarnes over the beach and on the way the channel of Núpá is crossed. At the farm Skógarnes the heard is left grassing but each of us get a horse and the ride continue around the peninsula Skógarnes, with its yellow sand and black rocks, a beautiful area with lot of sea birds around.
The ride is 25 km, 4 hours.

Day 8: Oddsstaðir – Reykjavík / Keflavík
After breakfast the people are driven back to Reykjavík or Keflavík depending on what is needed.

Every other tour goes from Snæfellsnes back to the farm Oddsstaðir.


(Notice: Please read the rules and regulations at Import of riding equipment | Matvælastofnun ( before your arrival.)

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