Horse Breeding

Our pride

The breeding-mares are chosen after they have been trained at home. In that way it is possible to make sure that different natural factors (e.g. dependable temperament) satisfy our requirements. At same time, we choose the ones that have good conformation and naturally good riding abilities. In the breeding, we try to use only the best possible stallions available. We usually get between 5 and 8 foals each year.

Snjóka frá Oddsstöðum

Breeding Mares

Horse breeding at Oddsstaðir has been a long time occupation. The goal is to breed versatile and good looking gaited horses which are willing and good tempered.

Logi frá Oddsstöðum


From our breeding, we own a few 1st price stallions. Every year we take our mares to top stallions, either from our own breeding, or from others as fits.

Our riding horses

We have pictures and basic info about our riding horses, the ones we take on our tours. If you have been with us on a tour, take a look, you might find your four legged friend!