Islands and Ocean.

10 days - 8 days riding.


This tour has four days with ride in the land, through valleys, over flat land and in mountains.  The other four days are riding on beach or beside the ocean.
It goes from Oddsstaðir to the west with a ride upp in the mountains, through a mountain valley. From there it takes the direction of Borgarnes, from where it follows the shore, more or less, all the way to Skógarnes on south Snæfellsnes.  Under the tour we will have a chance to see some sea-eagles, different landscapes like the volcano Eldborg and in this area Egil’s Saga did mainly happen. 
Please note!  Every second time the tour is from Skógarnes back to Oddsstaðir,then the description of the riding days goes in the opposite direction. 


Day 1: Arrival.
You will be greeted at Keflavik airport and from there we will drive to Oddsstaðir. 
At Oddsstaðir farmhouse you will stay all nights in room and bed with linen on. In Oddsstaðir there is a hot tub with natural hot water and in the neighborhood is a swimming pool (2 km). 
All nights will be spent at Oddsstaðir.


Day 2:  Oddsstadir – Heggsstaðir.
After breakfast the people introduce themself to the group.  The guide goes through the details for following days; the riding and the horses.  Presentation of riding rules when travelling with herd of loose horses and what to avoid in such cases. Everyone must have a riding helmet.  Saddle bag, rain gear and saddle are also to be found for everyone on the farm.  At the breakfast table, everyone prepare the lunch for the day as they choose. When all this is ready we walk to the horses which are grazing around the river nearby the farm. Everyone get a riding horse, but the horses will be 3 through the first day for each person and every day 3 new horses are tested. It is good to remember the horses which please you most, because the last day of the trip everyone can ride a favorite horse.
The day will start with learning how to drive a flock of loose horses, there are around 40-50 loose horses along with us on the tour and a lot to think about.
Most of the way, we ride far away from the traffic, along the grass banks of famous salmon river, Grímsá . The river is crossed several times and on the way we can have a beautiful view over Borgarfjörður.
The ride is 30 km, 6 hours


Day 3: Heggsstaðir  – Stangarholt.
The ride goes along old paths and desolated roads crossing the rivers Hvítá and Gufuá,  This day travelers get a little taste of "Icelandic forest" or bushes of birch.  The riding ends at the old farm Stangarholt, where the horses are left over night while the people are driven back to Oddsstaðir.
The ride is 30 km, 5 hours.


Day 4: Stangarholt – Grímsstaðir. 

The ride begin beside the river Langá, one of Iceland’s best salmon rivers and continues up into the mountain through valley with beautiful landscape, lake, rocks and lava fields.  The mountain valley Langavatnsdalur is called the Mysterious Valley and until the 15th century this was a very fertile land, however the Great Plague deserted the farms and they were finally torn down. Today the valley is still deserted.  At Grímsstaðir we leave the horses and drive back to Oddsstaðir.
The ride is 35 km, 6 hours.


Day 5: Grímsstaðir – Leirulækur. 

Now we travel from the mountains and down to the strand.  On the way the ride goes on the edge of Iceland biggest area of wet land, named Mýrar. The path goes beside the river Langá and is crossing it few times.  At the farm Leirulækur we leave the horses and drive back to Oddsstaðir.
The ride is 30 km, 5 hours. 


Day 6: Leirulækur – Álftárós.
This day the ride begin on a beach and continues through islands, bays and along fjord named Straumfjörður.  If we will be lucky there will be some sea-eagles around us.  It was in this area the 16. Sept 1936 when Pourquoi pas did sink and 38 French did perish, one did survive.  Among the deceaced was Jean-Baptiste Charcot.  At the farm Álftárós the horses are left and the people are driven back to Oddsstaðir.
The ride is 30 km, 6 hours.


Day 7: Álftárós – Akrar.
From day 6 and for the rest of the tour, we are dependent on the tide at the beach and have to ride when the tide is low because the difference of the high and low tide in depth/time, is 3 - 4 m./roomy 6 hours . Some days the ride starts early, other days normal time or even late, depending on the time of low tide, which is changing differently, half an hour to one hour every day.  This day, the tour continues along the shore, first after a small road and then on the beach.  At the farm Akrar the horses are left after the ride and we drive back to Oddsstaðir.
The ride is 30 km, 5 hours.


Day 8: Akrar – Kolviðarnes.
This day the ride is on a wide beach and it goes rather quick, with the ocean far away on left side, the volcano Eldborg on the right side, surrounded of its lava and high mountains in background. If we are lucky sea-eagles can be around, sitting on a rock or flying around and looking for some food.
The ride is 30 km, 4 - 5 hours.


Day 9: Kolviðarnes – Skógarnes.
This day every one can chose their favorite horse from the herd to ride part of this last riding day of this tour.  The ride continues over the beach to Skógarnes. Here it is also likely to see sea-eagle among other birds and even seals.  After the ride we drive back to Oddsstaðir and there we will spend our last evening together.
The ride is 25 km, 5 hours.
Day 10: Oddsstaðir – Keflavík.
After breakfast we leave Oddsstaðir for the airport, hopefully with good memories from Iceland.
Please note!  We also ride the tour from Skógarnes back to Oddsstaðir, the description of the riding days goes in the opposite direction. 



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