Þingvellir - In the footprints of the vikings


8 days - 7 nights - 6 riding days
The natural and historical shrine of Iceland Þingvellir is of great importance for Icelandic history, culture and geology. There is no other place that sums up the history and culture of this magnificent country. Þingvellir can be translated into the Parliament Plains, and the Vikings established the general assemble here around year 930 and it lasted until 1798. In addition to its high importance in Icelandic history and culture, Þingvellir is also a natural wonder on an international scale. It is a great geological rift between the Eurasian and North-American tectonic plates, and this natural phenomenon creates spectacular scenery.
Day 1: Arrival

You will be greeted at Keflavik airport, and from there the drive goes to Oddsstaðir. At Oddsstaðir farmhouse you will stay all nights in room and bed with linen on and there are naturally hot tub and in the neighborhood there is a swimmingpool.  
At Oddsstaðir we will provide details about the next days, the riding and the horses.


Day 2: Oddsstaðir– Brunnar
After breakfast and talk about riding with free horses, getting saddlebag, making lunch packet, finding saddle and taking the riding helmet, we go to the horses. This day we ride in Lundarreykjadalur, both on the gravel road but even more on old riding paths. On the way we cross to the next valley, Skórradalur. The ride ride from the valley up in to the mountain, or Kaldidalur, is mostly on gravel road. There we end at Brunnar, feed the horses with hay and leave them for the night. We will be driven back to the farm. The ride is 25 km on 3 horses.


Day 3: Brunnar – Skógarhólar, Þingvellir
From Brunnar the ride goes in directionof Þingvellir after old paths named Eyjafirðingavegur. People from Eyjafjörður did use this path when they rode to Alþingi in the past. At Skógarhólar we leave the horses with hay and drive back to Oddsstaðir.

The ride is about 25 km on 3 horses.

Day 4: Skógarhólar – Nesjavellir
The ride will go beside the lake Þingvallavatn, where we will learn about the amazing geologi of the area. We wil actually be riding between the Eurasian and the North-American tectonic plates, whisch are splitting Iceland with a few centimeters each year.

The ride is about 35 km and 5-6 hours. 

Dag 5: Nesjavellir – Kringlumýri
This day we will visit Þingvellir and have a sightseeing tour.
The first third of the ride from Nesjavellir begins after the gravel road or beside it. The rest is ridden on smooth riding paths. Horses will spend the night at Kringlumýri.

The ride is about 25 km and 5 hours. 


Day 6: Kringlumýri– Brunnar
We will lead our herd of horses along the east side of the lake Þingvallavatn.. The last part of this day continues on smooth earth in the aria called “Bláskógar” (Blue Forest) and ends at the hut Brunnar where we leave the horse for the night with hay and water. The people will drive back to Oddsstaðir.

The ride is about 35-40 km and 6 hours.
Day 7: Brunnar - Oddsstaðir
The last day of riding goes from the mountains and back to Oddsstaðir and the herd of horses is heading home. The ride will be on mountain road down to the valley Lundareykjadalur and then mostly on old gravel road by the small river Tunguá. 

The ride is about 28 km and 4-5 hours. 

On the tour there will be 4-7 hours of riding every day on different horses so riding experience is necessary.


Day 8: Oddsstaðir - Keflavík (Reykjavík).


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