Roundup of sheep.

This tour provides the unique experience of participating in an Icelandic roundup of sheep on the farm Oddsstaðir, in the west of Iceland. This is a hardworking adventure that allows the participant to experience a piece of both Icelandic nature and the Icelandic soul.


Day 1: Arrival.

We will welcome you at the airport Keflavik. We will drive to our base Oddsstaðir, where you will enjoy a meal after a long day.

At Oddsstaðir farmhouse you will stay all nights in room and bed with linen on and there are naturally hot tub on the farm. Approximately 2 km from the farm is a swimming pool. 


Day 2: Sight-seeing in the District of Borgarfjörður.

This day, after breakfast, we will drive the bus and have a sight-seeing tour around Borgafjörður. In this area one can find the biggest hot spring in Iceland, Deildartunguhver, the longest lava cave in Iceland, Surtshellir and the magnificent Hraunfossar in Hvítá - where the fresh water falls into a glacial river. There will also be time to visit Reykholt and Húsafell where the participants will be given a brief overview of both, the settlement of Iceland and the saga. (It was at Reykholt the famous politisian, chief and author Snorri Sturlusson lived in the 11th century, and where Tolkien later found inspiration for his masterpieces).

At Surtshellir we will have a good overview of how sheep are rounded up on their way to a paddock.

In the afternoon, the trip home goes over Kaldidalur, one of the highest mountain roads in Iceland with its black sand, surrounded of ice on both sides.

We will be back at Oddsstadir around: 20:00 - 21:00.


Day 3: Roundup of sheep at Oddsstaðir.

We will ride up on the mountain and round up sheep and horses from the land of Oddsstaðir, about 35 square kilometers. When the animals are gathered we will check if all the horses are well, but the sheep are taken into the sheep stable where they are separated. Sheep from other farms are driven to the sheepfold and our lambs are left at home while their mothers are driven back into the mountain. This will take an estimated 5-6 hours.


Day 4: Riding in the mountain.

The riding towards the mountain begin about 16:00, therefore the breakfast will be relaxed and there is even time to take a trip to Borganes, the closest village. Here we can do some shopping or just go looking around. The ride will go on to close by midnight, however there will be breaks on the way. While horses and men are resting, the shepherders often sings or entertains in some way. The Oddsstaðir group will be driven back to the farm for some sleep before the big day of roundup.


Day 5: The day of roundup.

It will be an early breakfast at 5:30, and all the participants will make their own lunch packet. This day will be quite long as the roundup is not finished until 20:00  in the evening, so make sure you bring enough food. In end of this day we will drive some thousands of sheep down to the sheepfold.


Day 6: Separating

We will start the day with breakfast at 08:00. The separating of the sheep in the sheepfold starts around 09:00 and lasts until 12:00. After lunch we will ride to greet groups of herders which are on their way home with their sheep after the separation earlier this morning. On the way back home the grassy banks of Grímsá will be ridden.


Day 7: Short riding-tour

There will be an opportunity for a short riding tour in the morning before everyone packs their belongings. After lunch the participants will be escorted to Reykjavík.


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