Hraunfossar - Real Treasure

8 days - 7 nights - 6 riding days.


Amongst legends and glaciers.

A riding tour through the mysterious landscape of legends and myths.

There are many myths and legends inspired by the wilderness and rural areas of Iceland. On this tour you will get to know many of the legends of Snorri Sturlusson, which also inspired Tolkien in his famous work Lord of the Rings.

The 6 days long riding tour will go through an amazing landscape with glaciers, rivers and beautiful, green valleys. Throughout the whole stay, Oddsstađir will be our base, and we will ride out from the farm and explore the varied landscape that surrounds it.


Day 1: Arrival
You will be greeted at Keflavik airport, and from there the drive goes to Oddsstaðir.
At Oddsstaðir farmhouse you will stay the nights under the tour in room and bed with linen on and there are naturally hot tub and in the neighborhood is swimming pool.
Here we will provide details about the next days.


Day 2: Oddsstaðir - Brunnar.

We will start our ride at Oddsstaðir and follow the roads towards the highland. On our way we will ride past the great -Uxahryggir, which means the back of an ox. The ride is about 28 km and 6 hours.


Day 3:  Brunnar - Giljar.

This day the ride goes on the magnificent highland, where we ride amongst the glaciers OK, Þórisjökull and Geitlandsjökull,part of Langjökull the second biggest glacier in Iceland. The path, Okvegur, have been well known through the sentures. We will be herding about 60 horses on the tour, which is an adventure on its own.

The ride is about 35 km long.


Day 4: Giljar - Fljótstunga.
The trip goes to the beautiful waterfall, Hraunfossar, and further on to Hùsafell with its birch forest and rivers. This district is a popular tourist area, and is called the pearl between the glaciers and the lava.

The ride is about 30 km long.


Day 5: Fljótstunga - Rauðsgil.
The ride goes to Reykjholtsdalur, where the famous Icelandic story teller and author Snorri Sturluson lived in the 11th century, and where Tolkien later found inspiration for his masterpieces. Here we also find the greatest hot spring on Iceland, the Deildartunguhver.

The ride is about 30 km long.



Day 6: Rauðsgil - Stafholtsey.
The ride continues down Reykholtsdalur along the river, and in the later part we ride along Flókadalsá river and Hvítá river till we reach Hvítárbakki.

At the farm Hvítárbakki used to be a horse taming center around 1970, where men such as Reynir Aðalsteinsson, Eyjólfur Ísólfsson and Pétur Berens sowed the seeds to the big information wave about the Icelandic horse that is still going strong today.

The ride is about 30 km long.

Day 7: Stafholtsey - Oddsstaðir.

On the last day of riding the herd is lead into the stunning Lundarreykjadalur. Most of the way we ride far away from the traffic, along the grassy banks of Grímsá famous salmon river. The river is crossed several times and on the way we can have a beautiful view over Borgarfjörður. This is the riding path all the way to Oddsstaðir.

The Ride is about 30 km and guests will either spend the night at Oddsstadir or be transported to Reykjavík where they'll spend the night.


On the tours there will be 5-7 hours of riding everyday on different horses.




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