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Oddsstaðir is located in the beautiful Borgarfjörður, West Iceland, the birthplace of the Icelandic Saga. This area has a big variability in the landscape, therefore it is an adventure to ride the Icelandic horses and enjoy the nature at the same time. 

We have a long experience with horses and have been organizing riding tours since 1992.




In the longer tours the number of horses is 60-70, therefore a big part of the horses runs freely among the riders. A part of the group rides in front of the free horses and the other part behind them in order to control the free horses. Every tourist rides up to 18 different horses during the tour. 


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The horses are mainly from our own breeding where we at moment have our own stallion, Logi, at service. Logi was awarded as the highest jugded stallion in Western Iceland both in 2015 (as 5 year old) and again in 2016 (as 6 years old).


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Sigurborg Hanna og Rökkvi




We have very good horses "gæðingar" like Rökkvi, who have been doing well in competitions as well as other horses from Oddsstaðir.


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